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From a caretaker of newborns who's had years of hands-on experience with celebrity clients, comes this practical and reassuring guide to the first three months with your new baby.Are you a new or soon-to-be new mother? Are you caught between self-doubt and conflicting parenting advice coming at you from every direction? Are you unsure who to trust - your mother, sister, friends, or "the experts"? Luiza DeSouza is here to help you help yourself. Her best advice? Take your time, trust your maternal instincts, and choose a course that fits your needs - and your baby's personality. For thirty years, Luiza has been helping new mothers navigate the skills, practices, and support it takes to start a family. For her, mothering is not about programs or techniques.

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Luiza DeSouza

Luiza DeSouza has worked as a personal baby nurse for many celebrity parents in Hollywood, including Cindy Crawford, Ryan Murphy (Glee producer) , CBS CEO & President, Leslie Moonves and his wife, "The Talk" host Julie Chen, Dana Walden (Chairman, 20th Century Fox Television) , Laura and Casey Wasserman, and Shana and Scott Silveri (both writers for Friends) .

Since the early 90s, Luiza's stellar reputation for nurturing, and her commonsense approach promotes balance. She helps new moms and dads tap into their own wisdom, trust their instincts, build their confidence, and choose a course that fits their needs and their baby's personality.

Working with Hollywood celebrity clients, Luiza DeSouza has over forty years of hands-on experience as a highly sought-after baby nurse. She began her career in her home country of Brazil where she became the number one baby nurse in the city of Sao Paulo. Her unique blend of confidence-building techniques, common sense advice, and emphasis on balance, has made her beloved by her clients. Today she lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

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