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In this eye-opening look at our Founding Fathers that is full of fun facts and lively artwork, it seems that Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and their cohorts sometimes agreed on NOTHING ... except the thing that mattered most: creating the finest constitution in world history, for the brand-new United States of America.

Tall! Short! A scientist! A dancer! A farmer! A soldier!

The founding fathers had no idea they would ever be called the "founding Fathers," and furthermore they could not even agree exactly on what they were founding!

Should America declare independence from Britain? "Yes!" shouted some. "No!" shouted others.

"Could you repeat the question?" shouted the ones who either hadn't been listening or else were off in France having fun, dancin' the night away.

Slave owners, abolitionists, soldiers, doctors, philosophers, bankers, angry letter-writers - the men we now call America's Founding Fathers were a motley bunch of characters who fought a lot and made mistakes and just happened to invent a whole new kind of nation.

And now here they are, together again, in an exclusive engagement!

About the Author

Jonah Winter

Jonah Winter is the award-winning, celebrated author of over 40 nonfiction picture books, including New York Times bestseller, BARACK. Jonah Winter's wide-ranging interests have led him to write and illustrate picture books on racism, baseball players, avant-garde artists, jazz musicians, exotic dancers, presidents, manual laborers, Beethoven's difficulties moving in and out of 39 apartments, garbage, 12-century mystics, and his own father's experiences growing up in East Texas during the Great Depression. His book about racial injustice and voting rights, LILLIAN'S RIGHT TO VOTE, was a 2016 Jane Addams Award Honor Book and a 2015 Kirkus Prize finalist. Three of his books, DIEGO, HERE COME THE GARBAGE BARGE and RUTH BADER GINSBURG, were New York Times Best Illustrated Books. His book about the making of the atom bomb, THE SECRET PROJECT, received 5 starred reviews. His book about the children of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings, MY NAME IS JAMES MADISON HEMINGS, was a New York Times Notable. A poet, painter, musician, and cook, Jonah Winter divides his time between New York City and a small town in Pennsylvania. To find out more about Jonah Winter, go to his website: www.jonahwinter.com

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