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As nutrition, food is essential, but in today's world of excess, a good portion of the world has taken food beyond its functional definition to fine art status. From celebrity chefs to amateur food bloggers, individuals take ownership of the food they eat as a creative expression of personality, heritage, and ingenuity. Dwight Furrow examines the contemporary fascination with food and culinary arts not only as global spectacle, but also as an expression of control, authenticity, and playful creation for individuals in a homogenized, and increasingly public, world.

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Dwight Furrow

I am Professor of Philosophy at San Diego Mesa College with Ph.D. from UC Riverside. I write on the aesthetics of food and wine as well as on ethics and politics. I am also a certified wine expert with certification from the Society of Wine Educators and an advanced level certification from the Wine and Spirits Educational Trust. Much of my writing on food and wine can be found at the blog Edible Arts. Roving Decanter is my wine and food travel blog.

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