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Discover the power of your words! Your cellphone rings--you automatically reach for it. Your child calls for you--your innate response is to go to him. Just like you are programmed for these responses, so too can you train your brain to manifest your life's goals and dreams. It is as amazing and powerful as it sounds--and it is entirely possible with the help of mantras. Simply put, mantras are syllables or phrases you repeat. The act of repeating these words can energize you, aiding you to manifest your ambitions. In Mantras Made Easy, you will learn how to positively influence your thinking as well those around you. Whether you hope to achieve happiness, forgiveness, peace, or wealth, there are mantras here to guide you. With coaching from professor and counselor Sherianna Boyle, you will tap into the power of this ancient practice and unlock your true potential.

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Sherianna Boyle

Hello, I am the author of six books; Powered by Me for Educators Pre-K-12, The Everything Parents Guide to Overcoming Childhood Anxiety, The Four Gifts of Anxiety,The Conscious Parenting Guide to Childhood Anxiety, Choosing Love and Mantras Made Easy.
The Four Gifts of Anxiety has been endorsed by The National Association of Mental Health and Psych Central. The Conscious Parenting Guide for Childhood Anxiety has been in the top ten for parenting resources at Barnes and Noble. You can find more about more services and other resources at sheriannaboyle.com

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