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From the creator of the Dear Businesslady column comes a fresh, proactive book with advice for women entering the workforce as well as those looking to move up the ladder.Everyone deals with some nonsense early in their career - whether it's accepting a less-than-ideal position just to get a foot in the door, or having a manager who sleeps with his smartphone under his pillow and expects his staff to do the same. But how do young professionals know if the choices they're making are moving them closer to their ultimate career goals? How do they know the answer when they ask themselves, "Is This Working?" Courtney Guerra, a.k.a. The Businesslady, knows how to set you on the path where you belong. In a fun-to-read Q&A format, this book focuses on situations young people are likely to encounter in the workplace, along with a set of strategies you can use to get through them.

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Courtney C.W. Guerra

Courtney C.W. Guerra has been writing her Dear Businesslady column since 2014, first on The Toast and now on the financial advice site The Billfold.

Starting out with experience in food service, retail, and data entry - plus a joint BA in English and Visual Arts - she proceeded to build her resume through a series of administrative positions, both corporate and nonprofit.

She's spent most of her career as a writer and editor supporting humanities research at the University of Chicago.

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