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Take control of your job search--with proven strategies for success!

New York Times bestseller Martin Yate has helped millions of people turn their lives around by finding great jobs and managing their career progress. Whether you're looking for a first job, re-entering the market, or planning a career change, Yate's unique Target Job Deconstruction method provides you with a roadmap to professional success utilizing the latest job-search strategies for the digital age. This new edition of his classic guide explains everything from building a keyword-rich online profile to social media networking to accepting an offer.

You'll also learn how to:Create resumes that get resultsMaximize your LinkedIn profile for optimum discoverabilityGet the most out of career sites like Glassdoor and IndeedTurn job interviews into job offersNegotiate the best salary and benefits packageManage a career and climb the ladder of promotionKnock 'em Dead 2017 will help you navigate the changing job-search market, land your dream job, and be better prepared to navigate the twists and turns of a long career.

About the Author

Martin Yate

As Dun & Bradstreet says, "He's just about the best in the business," with a series of job search and career books that outline a completely new approach to achieving success and living life on your terms.

Martin Yate CPC is the author of 17 Knock Em Dead books that cover every aspect of job search and career management and unfold a new and unique approach to career management - one that puts your success and security at its center, rather than the success of employers and their stockholders.

A New York Times bestseller his job search and career books are collectively published in some 63 foreign language editions. With his encyclopedic knowledge, practical strategies, cutting-edge tactics and an upbeat style, he has been called, "The father of modern career management."

Martin has helped millions of people get their lives on track and achieve greater control over their lives.

His books include:
Knock Em Dead Job Interview
- Everything you need to turn job interviews into job offers

Knock Em Dead Social Networking - For Job Search & Professional Success
- How to build and leverage social networks for professional gain

Knock Em Dead - The Ultimate Job Search Guide (30th edition)
- Updated every year, the gold standard of everything job search

Knock Em Dead Resumes (10th edition)
- Cutting edge strategies to create resumes that generate interviews

Knock Em Dead Cover Letters (10th edition)
- Every type of letter you'll need in a job search

Knock Em Dead Resumes & Templates (eBook only)
- Cutting edge strategies to create resumes that generate interviews, plus 110 resume templates

Knock Em Dead Job Search Letters & Templates (eBook only)
- Every type of letter you'll need in a job search, plus 125 letter templates

Knock Em Dead - Secrets & Strategies For Success In An Uncertain World
- How to gain control of your career and change the trajectory of your life

Knock Em Dead - Secrets & Strategies For First Time Job Seekers
- How to get off to a fast start, reach your goals and live life on your terms

Knock Em Dead - Hiring The Best (6th edition)
- How to hire and build successful teams

"No job hunter can afford to bypass the Knock 'em Dead books."
- Wall Street Journal

"The best book on job hunting."
- Financial Times

"Classic winner...one of the most valuable career books on the market."
- LA Times

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