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A positive, mindful plan for children and parents in transition! If you're facing the challenge of raising children in two homes, you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to build a healthy coparenting relationship. With The Conscious Parent's Guide to Coparenting, you'll learn how to take a relationship-centered approach to parenting, foster forgiveness, and find constructive ways to move on when relationships change. Coparenting means putting your child's needs first. And conscious parenting acknowledges a child's thoughts, feelings, and needs, as well as a parent's responsibility to them. This easy-to-use handbook helps you to:Build a coparenting relationship based on mutual respectLower stress levels for the entire familyCommunicate openly with children about divorceDiscuss and reach parenting decisions togetherProtect children, meet their needs, and help them build resilienceEducate your family and friends about coparentingThe concept of ending a marriage peacefully, with compassion and respect for former partners, is often viewed with surprise in modern society.

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