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Rediscover the benefits of a real-life social network!

Although today's technology allows you to communicate with people all over the globe, it can also leave you feeling disconnected and unhappy in the real world. The Loneliness Cure helps you rediscover the power of socializing in person and finally find the affection you've been longing for. Written by communication expert Kory Floyd, PhD, this valuable guide details the causes of affection hunger, helps you assess your needs, and offers six compelling strategies for attracting more intimacy into your relationships and everyday life. This guidebook details the causes of affection hunger, helps you assess your needs, and shows you how to build genuine connections to those around you.

Whether you're looking to get the undivided attention of a friend, reconnect physically with a romantic partner, or grow closer to your family, this book provides you with the tools you need to lead a healthier, happier, and more affectionate life.

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Kory Floyd

Kory Floyd is a professor of communication at the University of Arizona. He received his PhD in communication from the University of Arizona, his MA in speech communication from the University of Washington, and his BA in English literature from Western Washington University. His research focuses on the communication of affection in personal relationships and on the interplay between interpersonal behavior, physiology, and health. He has authored or edited more than a dozen books and nearly 100 journal articles and book chapters in the areas of interpersonal communication, family communication, nonverbal communication, health, and physiology. Learn more at www.koryfloyd.com

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