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Since their debut in 1978, LEGO minifigures have become the most iconic piece of the wildly popular toy line. Although small in stature, minifigures stand particularly tall as hot collector items. How hot? Consider the rare Mr. Gold (shown on the front cover) , who has sold for $1,500 on the secondary market.

Beautifully illustrated and amusing to page through, The Collectible LEGO Minifigure reveals why these pint-sized plastic powerhouses are the driving force in the LEGO Universe, whether collected for fun or profit.

Featuring:Up-to-date secondary-market prices for new and used minifigures from 2000 to presentHundreds of the most significant and valuable minifigures priced and highlightedMore than 20 top categories of valuable LEGO minifigures organized by theme, including Adventurers, Batman, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Super HeroesHundreds of full-color photosUseful tips for collecting, investment, and detecting counterfeits

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