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It costs us not to look our best Dressing poorly costs us interviews first impressions money and a whole lot more But you can look good all the time asserts Amy E Goodman the magazine maven and style expert whos a regular on NBCs Today show Her one-stop fashion and beauty book cuts through the information overload to teach you how to dress to impress whatever your age lifestyle or sizewhile staying true to yourself and your budget Who can afford clothes and makeup that dont fit or flatter Since every piece needs to count Amy uses snappy clear comparisons to show how to regain control of your wardrobe and beauty shelf by simplifying your choices Cleverly organized like a womans closet wear this toss that outlines the pieces of clothing and accessories plus beauty basics every woman must own Then Amy builds beyond the essentials walking you through your closet rack by rack shelf by shelf and drawer by drawer telling you what to wear and what to toss By sorting through the items you already have and taking inventory of what you need you can build upon what you own and finally create the winning total look youve always dreamed of Amy provides immediate style answers for real women weartoss items Over product suggestions You-heard-it-here-first steals and deals On-sale items to avoid regardless of price Styling tips for every body type The ultimate shoe guide youll never question which footwear is right again save-me products to rescue you from any fashion emergency Filled with candid tips from pro stylists and designers along with Amys unfiltered guidance wear this toss that will inspire you to invest in yourself shake off the wardrobe blahs and wake up your looks from head to toe Step into your closet Do you have A ruffled tank that sweetly frames your faceor a blouse with overpowering ruffles A long cardigan that graces over your curves or a super drapey wrap that resembles a blanket A pencil skirt that lands just above your knees or a bell skirt that bunches at your middle A cropped straight-leg pant with a flat front or wrinkled baggy cargo pants A shade of red lipstick that says bombshell or one thats says Im trying too hard If any of these questions make you cringe then wear this toss that is your go-to guide Its for women of any size age or lifestyle who realize they just dont like the clothes accessories or makeup theyre wearing and want to make a change Almost instantly youll learn what works whats got to go and why.

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Amy E. Goodman

Amy E. Goodman is a highly sought style expert, media maven and editor, having worked at In Style, All You and currently Southern Living. She's a regular advisor on the national airwaves for shows like TODAY, GMA, THE EARLY SHOW, THE VIEW and others. A devoted mom, she wrote her fashion and beauty book between the hours of 10 pm - 2 am, and tackles the questions of real women everywhere who want the empowerment of a closet full of clothes that they love. She resides in Washington, D.C. with her husband and two young babes (and a very well-organized closet!).

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