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This book helps young children who are just beginning to recognize and identify their emotions understand how anger feels and affects them. Readers are taught that it's okay to get mad, if you know what to do. Told in rhyme, the gentle and calming narration introduces the subject delicately and simply, offering explanations, reassurances, and tools to try to manage tempers and tantrums. Includes a "Note to Parents and Caregivers" that offers explanations for identifying and managing anger.

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Holly Brochmann

Holly Brochmann is the co-author of A Feel Better Book for Little Kids series of mental health children's books, published by the American Psychological Association's Magination Press. Released in 2017, A Feel Better Book for Little Worriers teaches tiny worriers vital skills for managing anxiety early in life. 2018's A Feel Better Book for Little Tempers provides children with important lessons on how to manage big emotions that often display as tantrums or inappropriate behavior. The third book, A Feel Better Book for Little Tears, educates children on how to cope with sadness and is due for release in June 2019. Both Worriers and Tempers will also soon be available in Chinese translation. The series is available at Amazon and many other book retailers worldwide. Holly and her sister, Leah Bowen, are a team that is one-half licensed professional counselor/registered play therapist and one-half writer/PR executive. One has dedicated her life to offering aid for anxiety, the other to seeking it. The topic of mental health is personal for them both, and together they hope to enhance children's lives and wellbeing through the joy of reading.

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