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Sumptuously illustrated with hundreds of gorgeous photographs, artifacts, and maps, The Story of Christianity focuses on the rich social and cultural history of Christianity through the ages, from its roots in Palestine to its triumph as a global movement, told through a series of dramatic turning points and unforgettable people. Beginning with the story of Jesus life, author Isbouts expertly sets key turning points in the story of Christianity in context, from the conversion of Constantine to Martin Luthers protest from the Crusades to the ministry of Mother Teresa. Using the dramatic art and architecture of the Christian faith as visual touchpoints and highlighting inspiring quotes and stories with resonance to the modern era, Isbouts writes with a deep respect for both Catholic and Protestant traditions and provides an excellent introduction to the complex and compelling world of the Christian faith.

About the Author

Jean-Pierre Isbouts

Jean-Pierre Isbouts is a historian, bestselling National Geographic author, and award-winning screenwriter and film director. A humanities scholar, his research has been devoted to biblical archaeology, Renaissance Florence, and 19th century Europe. He also serves as doctoral professor in the Social Sciences PhD program of Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, CA.

His website is www.jpisbouts.org.

To contact the author for an interview, or to request his appearance at your event, please send an email to Catherine Labrador at clabrador@pantheonTV.com.

Jean-Pierre is a full-time historian, author, filmmaker, and doctoral professor at Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara (www.fielding.edu) . In his spare time (or what's left of it) , he likes to discover new places in Asia and the Middle East with his wife Cathie, a production executive. The father of four children, and grandfather of four beautiful boys (with a fifth of the way) , he and Cathie live in Santa Monica with Katie, a highly opinionated Labrador Retriever.

Jean-Pierre was born in Eindhoven, Holland and studied Attic Greek and Latin before continuing in archaeology, art history and musicology at Leyden University. He completed his doctoral research on the 19th century architectural firm of Carrère & Hastings at Columbia University in New York. He then joined the American Council for the Arts (ACA) in New York City, active in a number of Federally funded arts programs. ?

?In the 1990's, he founded the ArtSpace studio in Los Angeles, a unit of American Interactive Media, and produced a number of programs on Renaissance and 19th century art as part of the Great Art Series; many of these were subsequently translated in seven languages. He later served as Managing Director of Philips Interactive Media Europe, a joint venture with Polygram, from its head offices in London, UK.

?As a musicologist, Dr. Isbouts has produced recordings of Bach, Corelli, Handel, Tchaikovsky, Satie, Franck and Debussy with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, and other soloists and ensembles.?

An award-winning filmmaker, Jean-Pierre has produced programs featuring Leonard Nimoy, Charlton Heston, Sir David Frost, Dick van Dyke, and Morgan Freeman, working with Hollywood studios such as Disney, Castle Rock Entertainment, Hallmark and Agamemnon Studios. His TV programs have been broadcast on ABC, A&E, CNBC, History Channel, Hallmark Channel and PBS stations, as well as scores of television networks in Europe and Asia. He also produced an acclaimed interactive game based on Kenneth Branagh's four-hour epic motion picture "Hamlet," which was distributed around the world.

Dr. Isbouts served as the Editor-in-Chief of two multimedia encyclopedias, Bertelsmann's Lexikon and Standaard's Encyclopedie.

?His f

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