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When you think of food additives, you may think of sugary foods that come in wild colors not found in nature. But there is a lot more to additives than thatfrom preservatives that keep food fresh longer to the artificial flavorings you love. Where do they come from? Are they safe? This book has the inside story on additives of all kinds.The media is full of advice about what foods to eat and what to avoid. Unfortunately, the advice is constantly changing and often contradictory. Know Your Food explains the real story about whats on your plate.

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John Perritano

John Perritano has written a number of non-fiction books for middle school and high school students, including those for Time for Kids, National Geographic, Scholastic, among others. He specializes in history, sports, and science, and has helped write several adult books including those on World War II for Time/Life. But that's not all. John is also the proud father of "Kid Squad Saves the World," a fast-paced mystery/sci-fi series for middle school students. In addition, he has spent more years than he cares to admit as a newspaper reporter (remember them? ) and editor, winning a number of journalism awards.

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