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At the distant edges of the Solar System are planets Neptune and Uranus, dwarf planets such as Pluto, and other orbiting bodies. This book includes the latest discoveries about all these far-off objects, including the first close-up pictures taken of Pluto. What are these worlds like that live so far from the heat of the sun? How were they formed? Why is Neptune blue? And why did Pluto lose its place as a planet? The mysteries of these far-off worlds are all revealed inside. The entire series called THE SOLAR SYSTEM is your first-class travel guide to the biggest neighborhood you live in, from the Sun to the planets and beyond! Blastoff on a visit to our solar neighborhood and beyond. This series visits all the planets in our Solar System, visits comets that are just passing through, and in Space Exploration, travels into the universe as human beings seek to find out what's out there.

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