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Four teenage travelers traverse the universe saving those in need with the power of emotion...though not always in the way youd expect...in fact...never! Now, in the style of the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books, you get to decide the fate of the Bravest Warriors in the first ever Bravest Warriors This Way or That book! The planet Goober-Delta will lose orbit if its stolen planetary core is not returned. Where is that core? In the most secure vault in the Galaxy— beneath SID BEEMER-BOOFS Fun Planet, the biggest amusement park in the known universe. The Bravest Warriors must recruit a daring team including Plum, Catbug, President Memory Donk, Professor Brain Dog 7, and the Emotion Lord. Each team member must play their part in order to pull off the most outrageous heist of all time! And on EVERY page, YOU decide what happens next!,.

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