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Our world is getting hotter, and it's our fault. Our addiction to fossil fuels is destroying not only our ancient planet, but our modern civilization. How can we protect our fragile ecosystems while preserving our way of life? How can we respond to climate change deniers who mock the fact that environmental activists use fossil fuels? In short, how can your average concerned citizen live a normal life in a carbon-based economy without being justifiably called a hypocrite? In The Carbon Code, conservation biologist Brett Favaro answers these thorny questions, offering simple strategies to help you reduce your carbon footprint -- without abandoning common sense.Favaro's Carbon Code of Conduct is based on the four Rs: Reduce, Replace, Refine, and Rehabilitate.

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Brett Favaro

Brett Favaro is a research scientist at the Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland. With a Ph.D in Biology, he conducts research focused on reducing the impact of humanity on Earth's ecosystems. As a scientist, he specializes in marine fisheries, environmental policy, and reforming the scientific enterprise. As a global citizen, he advocates for urgent, immediate action against climate change.

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