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In January 2002, the United States sent a group of Muslim men they suspected of terrorism to a prison in Guantnamo Bay. They were the first of roughly 780 prisoners who would be held there - and 40 inmates still remain. Eighteen years later, very few of them have been ever charged with a crime. In Guantnamo Voices, journalist Sarah Mirk and her team of diverse, talented graphic novel artists tell the stories of ten people whose lives have been shaped and affected by the prison, including former prisoners, lawyers, social workers, and service members. This collection of illustrated interviews explores the history of Guantnamo and the world post-9/11, presenting this complicated partisan issue through a new lens.

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Sarah Mirk

Sarah Mirk is a multimedia journalist interested in history, sexuality, and social justice. She worked as a reporter for The Portland Mercury newspaper for five years before becoming the online editor of national feminism and pop culture magazine Bitch. She hosts the magazine's twice-monthly feminist podcast Popaganda, runs Bitch's social media, and works with about 100 writers a year to create, edit, and publish stories that change the way people think about race, gender, and politics. She also writes, draws, and edits nonfiction comics, including the popular collection Oregon History Comics. Her book about open-minded dating and nontraditional relationships, Sex From Scratch: Making Your Own Relationship Rules, was published in August 2014.

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