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Just when you think that you know everything there is to know about mummies, new ones are discovered! Packed with facts but light in tone, this book introduces young readers to the most compelling examples of mummies from all over the world. There are many books about Egyptian mummies, but Mummies Exposed! goes beyond what you expect and uncovers both old favorites and recent discoveries; among them a Moche princess in Peru, the bog people of England and Ireland, and a Buddhist monk discovered within a sculpture! Featuring the most contemporary research, a touch of humor, and full-color illustrations, this exciting read is perfect for curious young minds. The book includes endnotes, bibliography, and index.

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Kerrie Logan Hollihan

Author Kerrie Logan Hollihan channels her "inner sixth grade girl who read Compton's encyclopedia for fun" to write for teens and kids. Young people, she says, should be challenged to understand history as it actually happened. "As I research and write, I think about how to explain the 'whys' of situations as well as the 'whats.'"
Her books have been honored by VOYA, Smithsonian magazine, Bankstreet College of Education, the National Science Teachers Association, the Chicago Public Library, and the Junior Library Guild. Her new teen book, IN THE FIELDS AND THE TRENCHES: THE FAMOUS AND THE FORGOTTEN ON THE BATTLEFIELDS OF WORLD WAR I, was published in January 2016.
Hollihan is a member of the nonfiction author consortium iNK Think Tank, Inc. and its interactive partner, Authors on Call - www.inkthinktank.com. She especially enjoys meeting young readers during school visits both live and on the web via Authors on Call. She blogs with other authors to offer content-based, kid-friendly activities at Hands-on-Books.
Hollihan also reaches out to inquisitive older adults in community centers and other groups with book programs that speak to their experiences.

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