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Walk down any street, stroll through any park, step into a bar or restaurant, and everyone is glued to their mobile devices. Many of us struggle with the near-constant urge to check our phones - the average person interacts with their device more than 2,600 times a day - and this dependence is affecting our relationships, our work, and our quality of life. It seems the technology that was supposed to connect us has tipped us in the other direction, creating unnecessary stress and distance in our lives. Off: Your Digital Detox for a Better Life isn't about reverting to a tech-free way of life - it's about balance. Digital entrepreneur Tanya Goodin offers a guide that will free up hours of your time and lead you back to the pastimes (and people) you love.

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Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin is an award-winning digital entrepreneur and founder of digital detox consultancy Time To Log Off.

Twice a finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year award, and for the Blackberry Outstanding Women in Technology award, Tanya was inspired to set-up Time To Log Off after a 20 year career working exclusively in the online world, as research and evidence began to emerge supporting her belief that she was not alone in suffering from the adverse effects of a screen-dominated life. Her goal now is to help others discover, like her, the joys of regularly fully disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with the real world.

Tanya is a graduate of Oxford University and is passionate about yoga, mindfulness and introducing the digital detox concept to children who are increasingly immersed in the online world. Connect with Tanya on Twitter @tanyagoodin or via her website www.tanyagoodin.com

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