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Full of fun and inventive projects, Hello Tokyo is a cute and quirky guide to living a DIY lifestyle inspired by Japanese crafts and trends Filled with simple craft projects and fun tips inspired by her daily life in Tokyo, Japanese blogger, crafter, and designer Ebony Bizys captures the humor and originality of the eclectic Japanese experience in this charming handbook. Perfect, pretty projects come together quickly and easily, and they require just a few simple materials to make. This easy-to-follow book offers ideas galore to inspire beginner and advanced DIYers alike. Readers will find: step-by-step instructions for crafting handmade stationery from secrets for making handmade memory books to store cherished pieces from their travels recipes for personalizing garlands and tassels to add fun and sparkle to small soirees and more! Fun and cute in its entirety, Hello Tokyo is a sweet look into Japan's DIY culture, brimming with clever craft ideas for bringing happiness to the everyday.

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