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March, 1942. 90-pound weakling Steve Rogers doggedly attempts to enlist in the army, only to be repeatedly classified 4F. Rogers' determination and decency come to the attention of Dr. Abraham Erskine of the Strategic Scientific Reserve. Rogers is the first test subject for Erskine's super-soldier serum, which transforms him utterly. When the program is abruptly ended, Rogers becomes Captain America--touring America to sell war bonds. On a USO tour in Europe, Rogers steals the first opportunity to demonstrate his worth by tangling with Johann Schmidt, a.k.a. the Red Skull, head of Hydra, Hitler's occult research and development unit. Schmidt has discovered the tesseract cube, an enormously powerful relic of Norse mythology through which he seeks to conquer the world. Assisted by Colonel Chester Phillips, Peggy Carter, weapons contractor Howard Stark, childhood friend Bucky Barnes, and Dum Dum Doogan and his howling commandos, Steve Rogers becomes more than a propaganda tool, emerging as the true Captain America.

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Chris Evans

Twitter: CEvansAuthor
Facebook: Chris Evans (Iron Elves)
They tell me I was born in Canada. I do like hockey, and I am wary of polar bears so they're probably right. I now live in New York City. When I need a break from writing and reading I head off to Central Park for a run where I imagine I'm much faster than I really am.

I started out in publishing as an editor at Ballantine/Del Rey of Random House before moving to Stackpole Books where I edited history and current affairs/conflicts books as well as the Stackpole Military History Series (you may have seen them, usually with green borders and a military medal on the cover and spine) . After 13 years as an editor, however, I finally made the leap to full-time writing in July 2013.

I'm also the author of the Iron Elves fantasy series which includes A Darkness Forged in Fire, The Light of Burning Shadows, and Ashes Of A Black Frost.

My first nonfiction military history title published in 2013. Bloody Jungle: America at War in Vietnam, features hundreds of photos gleaned from soldiers who fought there.

For more information, or least the same information told differently, please visit my Simon & Schuster author page at http://authors.simonandschuster.com/Chris-Evans/46195026 or check out my website at www.chrisevansauthor.com where you can find out more and even read my blog, or try me face to face at Chris Evans (Iron Elves) on Facebook, or me being a twit at @CEvansAuthor on Twitter...just please don't tell the polar bears where I'm at.



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