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Although same-sex marriage is legal nationwide, there is no federal recognition for domestic partners or civil union registrants, and many couples have messy and unresolved agreements and/or registrations that need to be cleaned up. Couples also need to consider whether they want to extend marital rights (and duties) retroactive to when they first starting living together as a couple, and those with children may need to resolve issues of legal parentage. All of these issues will be addressed in the new edition of Making It Legal, which provides a brief history of the same-sex marriage movement, an overview of emerging trends, and a discussion of the factors involved in the personal decision to marry, including: whether a pre-nup agreement is advisable what it involves whether you will be responsible for your partner's debts if you're married how to evaluate the effect of taxes on shared lives when to turn to professionals for help during disagreements when a will or living trust might be needed, and more! .

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