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Lose yourself to the magic of "The Charm Bracelet." Through an heirloom charm bracelet, three women will rediscover the importance of family and a passion for living as each charm changes their lives. On her birthday each year, Lolly s mother gave her a charm, along with the advice that there is nothing more important than keeping family memories alive, and so Lolly s charm bracelet would be a constant reminder of that love. Now seventy and starting to forget things, Lolly knows time is running out to reconnect with a daughter and granddaughter whose lives have become too busy for Lolly or her family stories. But when Arden, Lolly s daughter, receives an unexpected phone call about her mother, she and granddaughter Lauren rush home. Over the course of their visit, Lolly reveals the story behind each charm on her bracelet, and one by one the family stories help Lolly, Arden, and Lauren reconnect in a way that brings each woman closer to finding joy, love, and faith.

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Viola Shipman


I am honored to be able to write novels that are inspired by my grandmothers' heirlooms, lives, lessons and love. The novels I write are a tribute to family - about bad things that happen to good people - and how we soldier through the hardships in our lives with love, faith, hope and each other. My fiction is also a tribute to all of our elders, whose stories and sacrifices helped shape us and make us the people we are today.

That includes my upcoming novel, THE RECIPE BOX, which will publish March 20, 2018, from St. Martin's Press and is available for pre-order now! THE RECIPE BOX centers on a young woman's return home to her family's northern Michigan orchard and pie pantry, where she rediscovers her passion, reconnects to the women in her life and learns about her family's history through the treasured recipes in an heirloom recipe box.

I grew up in my grandmothers' kitchens, tugging at their white aprons embroidered with pretty flowers and strawberries. It was from them that I learned not only to cook and bake but also the history of our family and the food we loved to make from the treasured family recipes in their beloved recipe boxes. I want to share this novel with the world, as I truly believe its messages (about treasured family recipes, cooking together, food, finding oneself and respecting our histories through the women in our lives) will resonate with readers far and wide. We're losing our connection with our family histories and the stories and journeys of our elders, and I hope to reconnect readers to their own stories through mine.

My current novel, THE HOPE CHEST (out now!) , was inspired by my family hope chests - and the special keepsakes that were held inside - and is about finding hope when you think all is lost. The story in THE HOPE CHEST is told by three people: Mattie, a fiercely independent woman battling ALS; Don, her devoted husband facing a future without his one true love as their 50th wedding anniversary approaches; and Rose, their caregiver, a young single mother trapped in her life. When Don and Mattie are forced to move from their beloved Lake Michigan cottage, Mattie's hope chest is rediscovered -- along with its contents and secrets -- and her life is revealed to Rose and her young daughter. A novel about redefining family and rediscovering hope when you think all is lost, THE HOPE CHEST is deeply personal and life-affirming.

I couldn't be prouder of THE HOPE CHEST, which is a tribute to my uncle, who waged a long, courageous battle with ALS and taught me the meaning of grace, as well as to the caregivers who loved and cared for my father in his final years, angels who walk this earth and redefined the meaning of family to me. Many of the heirlooms that were in my grandmothers' hope chests now are treasures in my own home (and part of the book) : Desert rose dishes, McCoy vases, embroidered l

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