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A Booklist Best Mystery 2016 Tommy Reeves and his pal Red Armstrong make friends with the Mexican people who live near the ranch where Tommy and Red work. The boys take an interest in the Mexican girls, and their foreman tells them to stay away. When he boys do not heed the warning, they get fired. When they go to visit the Mexican people again, they find out that Vinch Cushman, their recent employer, is trying to force the Mexican people to leave their houses and land behind. In order to drive the Mexicans away, Cushman has a crew of men dam up a creek and cut off the people's water. Red goes to sabotage the dam, and he is shot dead. Tommy goes to stay with the Mexican people, and before long he is helping them pack their belongings. The first night out on the trail, the people look back and see that Cushman has burned their village.

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