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Brigid Keenan was a successful young London fashion journalist when she fell in love with a diplomat and left behind the gilt chairs of the Paris salons for a large chicken shed in Nepal. Her bestselling account of life as a "trailing spouse," Diplomatic Baggage, won the hearts of thousands in countries all over the world. Now, in her further adventures, we find Brigid in Kazakhstan, where AW, her husband, contracts Lyme disease from ticks, the local delicacy is horse meat sausage, and Brigid's visit to a market leads to a full-scale riot from which she requires a police escort. Then, as the prospect of retirement looms, Brigid finds herself on the cusp of a whole new world: shuttling between London, Brussels, and their last posting in Azerbaijan; navigating her daughters' weddings while coping with a cancer diagnosis; and getting a crash course in grandmotherhood as she helps organize a literature festival in Palestine.

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Brigid Keenan

Brigid Keenan was born in 1939. Her involvement in fashion began when she joined women's page staff at the start of her career in 1959. Two years later she moved to where she was responsible for their Young Fashion pages. In 1966 she left the paper to become Assistant Editor of magazine and from there she went to as Woman's Editor. After a year's break, during which she lived with her husband (a development economist) in Ethiopia, she returned to as fashion and Beauty Editor. In 1977 she moved to Brussels where she now lives with her husband and two small daughters. She is a founding board member of the Palestine Festival of Literature.

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