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Filled with essential checklists, worksheets, and advice, The Small Business Start-Up Guide will get you up and running!

The Small Business Start-Up Guide is a must-have for anyone starting a business. A complete overview of everything you need to know to start successfully, it will save you time, effort, and money.


Which business entity is right for you How to formulate a complete business plan The ins and outs of bank laons and government assistance The pros and cons of franchising Which professionals to consult and when Everything you need to know about taxes and insurance

Plus, get a great time-saving information, including:

A checklist of all the things you must do when starting a business Many helpful resources, including worksheets and a complete list of state guidelines for starting a small business Where to find the best sources of information concerning all of your specific business questions and concerns Tips for finding loans and investors

"The pluses and minuses for each type of organization a start-up can assume."-Wall Street Journal

Right now is the time to start building the business you want!

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