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Barbara Gordon's ready for a fresh start. She's packing her bags, crossing the bridge, and heading to Gotham's coolest neighborhood: Burnside. And when a freak fire burns up her costume and gear, Babs has the chance to become a whole new Batgirl! But she barely slips on her new DIY costume before Batgirl starts trending as Gotham's first viral vigilante - and attracting a new wave of enemies who want her social-media spotlight for themselves. Meanwhile, the girl beneath the gear's got a whole new crew of friends, college classes that are kicking her Bat-butt and a dating scene that can make anyone want to swipe left on life. This bat's done living in the shadows. But will the bright lights of Burnside burn her for good? Red-hot creative team Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr reinvent Barbara Gordon from the boots up in BATGIRL: THE BATGIRL OF BURNSIDE (collects issues #35-40 and a story from SECRET ORIGINS #10) .

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Brenden Fletcher

Brenden Fletcher is a writer, well known for his work on DC Comics titles including the New York Times best-selling BATGIRL OF BURNSIDE, the YA mystery/adventure series GOTHAM ACADEMY and Entertainment Weekly's "Best New Series" of 2015, BLACK CANARY. He contributed the acclaimed FLASH story to the Eisner and Harvey Award winning WEDNESDAY COMICS , co-created the POWER RANGERS: PINK mini-series for BOOM Studios and contributed to the ATTACK ON TITAN ANTHOLOGY for Kodansha.

Coming in 2017:

MOTOR CRUSH - a sci-fi, action adventure series about Domino Swift, a racer who competes on the track and battles on the street for a "machine narcotic" called Crush.

ISOLA - atmospheric fantasy/adventure in the spirit of Studio Ghibli about a soldier leading the queen she loves, now in the form of a tiger, to a mythical island that might be able to return her to human form.

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TWITTER: @brendenfletcher

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