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Spark curiosity in children about family history, genealogy, and their place within that legacy as Wombat's family tree project grows into an exploration of his relatives' wisdom as well as what talent he can add to his community.Wombat's family tree assignment turns sour when he realizes that every ancestor has a special something they are good at--everyone except him. He tries all the talents he's learned about from his family members, from music to carving to cooking, but nothing fits. Then, with a nudge to try again, the family tree branches out to grow into Wombat's very own something.Wombat and the Family Tree by Marietta Apollonio is for children aged 4 to 8 and featuresa heartfelt and fun exploration of what a family tree is while finding a sense of self within your heritage,a sweet and energetic main character who wants to do his best,a supportive family who encourages Wombat to keep trying despite disappointment,whimsical and nostalgic illustrations that enrich the story with delightful details,a note from the author about her own adventures in genealogy, anda blank family tree for children to fill in that allows room for a variety of family structures and caregiving situations.

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