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Kara Lawler

Kara writes about the divide that is mothering her own children while still mothering her spirit and the sacred holy. She works hard to see the beauty in the mundane, and motherhood has been like a camera lens coming into focus: she tries to sees what really matters and she writes about it. Holy abounds in the everyday, of that she is sure, and God is revealed to her daily in the faces of her children. In the end, she's most proud of the work she does at home with her own children.

Kara Lawler has been published in various publications, but has shown up most regularly on The Huffington Post, Parenting, and the Today Show. Tori, the editor for Mamalode, said, "Kara Lawler is an eloquent writer whose pieces explore a depth of emotion and honesty that is nearly unparalleled. She is as talented a writer as she is storyteller, and when she entwines the two, she produces pure magic."

Join Kara's tribe on Facebook (www.facebook.com/motheringthedivide) or by visiting her website: www.motheringthedivide.com

Her new book, A Letter for Every Mother, co-written with Regan Long, comes out on April 3, 2018 everywhere books are sold.

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