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This is a story about a mouse with BIG ideas. Mouse believes he is a tiger, and he convinces Fox, Raccoon, Snake, and Bird he's one, too! After all, Mouse can climb a tree like a tiger and hunt for his lunch, too. And not all tigers are big and have stripes. But when a real tiger shows up, can Mouse keep up his act? With hilarious text by Karl Newson and bright and vivid illustrations from Ross Collins, this uproariously funny, read-aloud picture book encourages children to use their imaginations and be who they want to be! Doesn't everyone want to be a tiger?

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Karl Newson

Karl Newson is a million selling, award-winning children's book author whose stories are published in 28 languages around the world. He lives in London. Karl is the author of the following books...COMING SOON!The World at Your Feet (illustrated by Clara Anganuzzi. Aug 2022) I'll Be There (illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw. June 2022) PUBLISHEDHow to Mend a Friend (illustrated by Clara Anganuzzi. June 2021) The Hat Full of Secrets (illustrated by Wazza Pink. Oct 2020) I Really REALLY Need a Wee (illustrated by Duncan Beedie. Sept 2020) If you See a Lion (illustrated by Andrea Stegmaier. Aug 2020) I Can ROAR like a Dinosaur (illustrated by Ross Collins. Aug 2020) I Am NOT an Elephant (illustrated by Ross Collins. Feb 2020) I Am a Tiger (illustrated by Ross Collins. May 2019) The Same But Different Too (illustrated by Kate Hindley. May 2019) For All the Stars Across the Sky (illustrated by Chiaki Okada. Feb 2019) A Bear is a Bear (except when he's not) (illustrated by Anuska Allepuz. Mar 2018) Little Grey's Birthday Surprise (illustrated by Louise Pigott. Feb 2018) Here Comes the Sun (illustrated by Migy Blanco. Mar 2017) Fum (illustrated by Lucy Fleming. Mar 2017) Karl illustrated the following picture books...Superchimp (written by Giles Paley-Phillips. 2016) The Rupert the Dinosaur series (written by Douglas Vallgren. 2013-16) The Bear Extraordinaire (written by Cathy Rushworth. 2015) For more about Karl visit www.karlnewson.com

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