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Bison? They're banned! Tigers? Taboo! Say good-bye to the gnu, cheerio to the cheetah, and peace to the panda.

The world of Lesser Spotted Animals STARTS HERE!

Find out all about the amazing animals you need to know but never get to see, from the numbat to the zorilla, and everything in between.

A non-fiction picture book with attitude, Martin Brown's Lesser Spotted Animals combines the humor and verve of books like Dragons Love Tacos and Please Mr. Panda with the informative breadth and gorgeous presentation of non-fiction from Steve Jenkins, Diana Aston, and Jenny Broom.

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Martin Brown

Martin was born and raised in Melbourne but took the opportunity to turn his love of cartooning into a career when in the UK, working on magazines, greetings cards and children's books where his drawing style and sense of humour found a home. In 1992 Martin teamed up with Terry Deary for a new book called The Terrible Tudors - the first of the Horrible Histories series. Twenty years, sixty titles and twenty-five million copies sold later, their books have gone global, with spin-off games, stage and TV shows, His own, long awaited foray into writing, Lesser Spotted Animals, was published in 2016. A fun, non-fiction book about the world's other animals.

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