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OSCUROS DESEOS DEL JEQUEAndie BrockLa princesa Annalina har'a cualquier cosa para poner fin a su matrimonio concertado ... Áincluso dejarse fotografiar en una situaci -- n comprometida con un guapo desconocido!Su hombre misterioso era el pr'ncipe Zahir Zahani ... el hermano de su prometido. Y el beso que encendi -- aquel deseo inesperado en ambos atrap -- a Annalina y a Zahir en un compromiso ... Áhasta que la muerte los separara!Zahir hab'a pagado el precio de confiar en los dem‡s y por eso intent -- mantener a Annalina alejada. Pero ella lo desafiaba en todo momento ...

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Andie Brock

Andie Brock has been inventing imaginary friends since the age of four. In those days they tended to be of the sparkly fairy variety whereas now she loves to conjure up gorgeously sexy heroes and spirited heroines and wait for the sparks to fly!

Married with three children, Andie lives in Bristol in the south west of England. The family share the house with Pete and Ned, two boisterous young ginger cats.

When not writing, or plotting her next romance, or stopping the cats from tearing the sofa to shreds, Andie likes to wander around the local flea markets in search of a bargain or walk along the beautiful beaches of south Devon where she grew up.

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