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Julia JamesUNA ESPOSA PERFECTACuando el multimillonario Nikos Tramontes conoci -- a Diana St. Clair, miembro de la alta sociedad inglesa, de inmediato se sinti -- atra'do por su fachada de doncella de hielo. Y la determinaci -- n de Diana de conservar la casa de su familia le ofrec'a la oportunidad perfecta para proponer un matrimonio temporal.Pero, durante la luna de miel, Nikos despert -- en Diana un ardiente deseo y la atracci -- n que hab'a entre ellos se convirti -- en una pasi -- n arrebatadora. A partir de ese momento, Nikos no pudo negar que deseaba mucho m‡s de su esposa ...

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Julia James

Julia lives in England with her family. Mills and Boon novels were Julia's first "grown up" books she read as a teenager ("Alongside Georgette Heyer and Daphne du Maurier. ") , and she's been reading them ever since. Julia adores the English countryside ("And the Celtic countryside!") , in all its seasons, and is fascinated by all things historical, from castles to cottages. She also has a special love for the Mediterranean ("The most perfect landscape after England!") - she considers both are ideal settings for romance stories! In between writing she enjoys walking, gardening, needlework and baking "extremely gooey chocolate cakes" - and trying to stay fit!

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