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What if the real key to a richer and more fulfilling career was not to create and scale a new start-up, but rather, to be able to work for yourself, determine your own hours, and become a (highly profitable) and sustainable company of one? Suppose the better - and smarter - solution is simply to remain small? This book explains how to do just that.

Company of One is a refreshingly new approach centered on staying small and avoiding growth, for any size business. Not as a freelancer who only gets paid on a per piece basis, and not as an entrepreneurial start-up that wants to scale as soon as possible, but as a small business that is deliberately committed to staying that way. By staying small, one can have freedom to pursue more meaningful pleasures in life, and avoid the headaches that result from dealing with employees, long meetings, or worrying about expansion. Company of One introduces this unique business strategy and explains how to make it work for you, including how to generate cash flow on an ongoing basis.

Paul Jarvis left the corporate world when he realized that working in a high-pressure, high profile world was not his idea of success. Instead, he now works for himself out of his home on a small, lush island off of Vancouver, and lives a much more rewarding and productive life. He no longer has to contend with an environment that constantly demands more productivity, more output, and more growth.

In Company of One, Jarvis explains how you can find the right pathway to do the same, including planning how to set up your shop, determining your desired revenues, dealing with unexpected crises, keeping your key clients happy, and of course, doing all of this on your own.

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Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis is a web designer, author & gentleman of adventure. With a reputation as the designer whose vision and web design strategy is the prime catalyst for building multi-million dollar businesses, he??s worked with Fortune 500 companies, best-selling authors and the world??s biggest entrepreneurs. Paul??s clients include Yahoo, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, The Highline in New York City, Danielle LaPorte, Marie Forleo and Kris Carr. Paul??s writing appears in Fast Company, 99u, The Next Web, GOOD, Elephant Journal and many other publications. He??s founded several start-ups, toured the US and Canada in the band Mojave, self-published three books, and has worked as a self-employed web designer for almost two decades. Paul currently lives in the woods on Vancouver Island with his wife Lisa and their two rats, Onha?? and Awe:ri.

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