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That's where I've been-in the trenches-for a hundred times. I fought wars with IRS auditors over several decades. My writings are based on actual battles with the IRS. My tales are born of experience, my tips from actual dealings with the IRS. I spent 50 years working as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), 40 running my own firm. I held licenses for the states of California, Hawaii, and Illinois performing tax, accounting, systems, consulting, and audit jobs for the then big eight international accounting firms-Ernst & Ernst, SGV (SyCip Gorres Velayo)/Arthur Andersen, and Andersen Consulting. DEALING WITH THE IRS REQUIRES YOU TO UNDERSTAND THE AGENCY'S CULTURE: • Shoot first, ask later. • You are guilty until proven innocent. •You must prove that the IRS is wrong; the IRS does not have to prove itself right. •All income are taxable unless you prove that they're not. • All deductions are not allowed unless you can prove that they are. All these, you have to overcome. It's an uphill battle. To win a battle against the IRS, you must unlock its secrets. To unlock its secrets, your must have been in the trenches to see what tactics work and what don't. I have been there.

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