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By the time his outrageous financial crimes were exposed, financier Bernie Madoff had stolen more than 18 billion dollars from thousands of investors. Madoff Talks offers the most complete investigation yet into the largest Ponzi scheme in world history -- and a rare glimpse into the mind of its chief architect. For the first time, Madoff reveals the decision making behind his massive deception. It's a story full of indictments, explanations, and startling revelations. Author Jim Campbell explores the role of the "Big Four" Madoff clients, JPMorgan Chase, and hungry "feeder funds," shining a spotlight on the participants in deception. This must-read account of the rise and fall of Bernie Madoff reveals: * What motivated the respected financier to commit such massive a fraud* How Madoff managed to keep the scheme hidden in plain sight* The true scale of all investment losses -- including international losses* What the Ruth Madoff and the rest of the family knew, and more .

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Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell, father of two children and grandfather of six, is a religious educator and author. He is the general editor of the Harper's New American Bible Study Program and is the coauthor of the Finding God religious education program, published by Loyola Press. He has three post-graduate degrees, including masters degrees in theology and history, and a doctorate in Ministry in Christian Education from the Aquinas Institute of Theology. He is the staff theologian at Loyola Press.

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