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The proven prescription for powerful business communication Sending an email plagued with typos. Rushing through a presentation. Never saying "no." Under-dressing for a company event. What do these all have in common? Bad messaging. The Communication Clinic is a comprehensive, commonsense guide to getting the job of your dreams and presenting yourself in the best light through your writing, speaking, body language, and overall appearance. In no time, you'll begin recognizing the subtle mistakes that are holding you back, and taking steps to overcome them. The Communication Clinic provides the proven prescription for: * Writing effective emails * Developing a professional presence * Mastering verbal and nonverbal communication * Using social media for career success * Designing and delivering powerful presentations * Being assertive (but not aggressive) in person and online * Managing conflict Business interactions are increasingly done over digital platforms and across traditional boundaries.

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Barbara Pachter

Barbara Pachter is an internationally renowned business etiquette and communications speaker, coach and author. She has delivered more than 2100 seminars throughout the world including the first-ever seminar for businesswomen in Kuwait.

Pachter is also adjunct faculty in the School of Business, Rutgers University.

The second edition of Pachter's highly-acclaimed book, "The Power of Positive Confrontation: The Skills You Need to Handle Conflict at Work, at Home, Online, and In Life"(Da Capo Press) , was recently released.

Pachter's 10th book, "The Essentials of Business Etiquette: How to Greet, Eat, and Tweet Your Way to Success" (McGraw-Hill) , was published in August 2013.

Her other books include "NewRules@Work: 79 Etiquette Tips, Tools and Techniques to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead," and "When The Little Things Count...And They Always Count." Her books have been translated into 11 languages.

Her client list boasts many of today's most notable organizations, including Bayer, Campbell Soup, Microsoft, Chrysler, Cleveland Clinic, Merck & Co., WAWA, Con Edison, Pfizer, Inc., Novo Nordisk, and Cisco Systems.

She has appeared on numerous radio and television programs and her advice on business etiquette has been featured in dozens of newspapers and magazines, including ABC's 20/20, The New York Times, CNN's Anderson Cooper Show, USA Today, O Magazine, The Washington Post, and Working Mother.

Pachter's etiquette seminars and coaching services were highlighted in TIME Magazine and her discussion on business etiquette appeared in the Harvard Business Review.

Pachter's areas of expertise include business etiquette, assertive communication, positive confrontation, business writing, women in the business world, career suggestions and presentation skills. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Michigan and completed postgraduate studies in the Middle East and at Temple University.

Call 856.751.6141. Additional information can be found at www.pachter.com, www.facebook.com/pachtertraining, or

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