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Remembrance by Rita Woods is a breakout historical debut with modern resonance, perfect for the many fans of The Underground Railroad and Orphan Train.

Remembrance ... It's a rumor, a whisper passed in the fields and veiled behind sheets of laundry. A hidden stop on the underground road to freedom, a safe haven protected by more than secrecy ... if you can make it there.

Ohio, present day. An elderly woman who is more than she seems warns against rising racism as a young woman grapples with her life.

Haiti, 1791, on the brink of revolution. When the slave Abigail is forced from her children to take her mistress to safety, she discovers New Orleans has its own powers.

1857 New Orleans -- a city of unrest: Following tragedy, house girl Margot is sold just before her 18th birthday and her promised freedom. Desperate, she escapes and chases a whisper.... Remembrance.

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Rita Woods

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, a product of Catholic schools from 1st to 12th grade. I started writing stories from the time I was a little girl. Usually melodramatic dystopian tales featuring a shy, tortured girl left orphaned in the world. Luckily, my play list has gotten a tiny bit broader. I always wanted to be a writer but my parents were convinced that smart, black girls got REAL jobs: doctor, lawyer, teacher, architect. And besides, they said, I could write in my 'spare time'. I graduated Howard Medical School and spent more than thirty years practicing medicine and raising my sons, managing to eke out the occasional short story or medical article for various journals. I am now the Medical Director of a Wellness center outside Chicago where I also live with a houseful of cats, chickens, one husband and a young child and mange to eke out the occasional novel.

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