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Tim Tate is a multiple award-winning British documentary film-maker and bestselling author.His films - mostly investigative, always campaigning - have been honoured by Amnesty International, the Royal Television Society, UNESCO, The Association for International Broadcasting, The International Documentary Association, the New York Festivals and the US National Academy of Cable Programming. He often speaks at international conferences and university seminars.He is also the author of eighteen published non-fiction books. These include the best-selling "Slave Girl" which told the true story of a young British woman sex-trafficked to Amsterdam; "Girls With Balls" which uncovered the secret history of women's football; "Hitler's Forgotten Children", which tells the extraordinary and harrowing story of a woman who was part of the Nazi Lebensborn programme to create an Aryan master race; and "Yorkshire Ripper - The Secret Murders" which reveals long-suppressed evidence showing that Peter Sutcliffe killed 23 more victims. His 2017, "Pride", tells the extraordinary true story behind the hit movie of the same name. In 1984,in the depths of the bitterly-fought miners' strike, a group of very cosmopolitan London gay men and women made common cause with the very traditional communities of a remote south Wales valley - and helped keep its mining families alive at at a time when the British government was trying to starve them into submission.In 2018 he published two books. The first - The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy: Crime, Conspiracy and Cover-Up (Thistle Publishing) - is the result of 25 years investigation by Tim and his co-author, former CNN journalist Brad Johnson. It presents detailed forensic, ballistic and eyewitness testimony showing that the convicted assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, could not have shot Kennedy. It reveals that Los Angeles Police disregarded and then suppressed clear evidence of a conspiracy behind the assassination and makes a compelling case for a new official inquiry.The second - Hitler's British Traitors (Icon Books) - tells the extraordinary stories of several hundred British men and women who betrayed their country to Germany during World War Two and the remarkable efforts of the Security Service to stop them. Drawing on hundreds of de-classified MI5 and government files the book reveals that there were three advanced plots for a fascist coup d'etat, scores of prosecutions of pro-Nazi British traitors for espionage and sabotage, and hundreds of others who were interned on specific and detailed evidence of treachery.His most recent work, The Spy Who Was Left Out In The Cold, uncovered the extraordinary untold story of the most important spy for the West of the Cold War: Polish intelligence officer Michal Goleniewski, codenamed 'Sniper'. It was published by Transworld/Penguin in May 2021. An American edition, titled "Agent Sniper" wi

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