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Jat is a boy who wants more from life than collecting coal from the Fire Sea. Newton is a misfit giant, cast out of his homeland for his love of science and reading. Brought together by chance, the two become the best of friends. But when enemy giants threaten to ruin everything, it's up to Jat and Newton to defend Jat's village, leading to the journey of a lifetime.

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John Himmelman

John Himmelman is an author/illustrator of over 80 books for children and books (for grown up kids) on various nature topics. He graduated School of Visual Arts in 1981, with his first book "Talester the Lizard" published later that year. Talester came about as a final assignment to create a story in his children's book illustration class. His teacher, Dale Payson, liked it enough to show to her editor at Dial - and thus began a career that continues today.

Himmelman's children's book genres range from whimsical to natural history. He is a naturalist, involved in many organizations where he gives lectures and leads trips in search of exciting flora and fauna (it all excites him) . He strives to incorporate his interests with his career as an writer and illustrator because... it just makes both more fun. Sometimes, though, he just wants to make the reader laugh.

In his spare time, he plays guitar, goes on nature photography quests, and practices martial arts. He co-runs Green Hill Martial Arts (www.greenhillmartialarts.org) where he teaches Hapkido and trains in Jeet Kune Do.

Oh, and he likes books, of course - reading them is as much as writing them: Fantasy, history, and graphic novels top the list.

In 2014 Himmelman started a children's book writer/illustrator critique group where published and "pre-published" writers/artists in this genre can hone their work.

He lives with his wife Betsy in Killingworth, CT. Betsy is also an artist, and teaches art at the local high school. They have two adult children, Jeff (artist in CA) and Lizzie (business owner in PA) . And there's always the usual menagerie of dogs, cats, and chickens keeping him company throughout the day.

Websites? He's got 'em:

1) www.johnhimmelman.com (homepage)
2) https://www.facebook.com/pages/John-Himmelman-Childrens-Books-Natural-History-Books/107356035970569? ref=bookmarks (facebook)
3) www.greenhillmartialarts.org (his school)
4) http://allthingsreconsideredagain.wordpress.com (blog)

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