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"Engrossing...It's a tribute to criminal lawyer Schofield's persuasive powers that his characters, procedural elements, and atmosphere are convincing enough to keep those pages turning without logic getting in the way." -- Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Time of DepartureIn Killing Pace, Douglas Schofield, author of Time of Departure and Storm Rising, delivers a high-octane, heart-pounding tale set in Everglades City, Florida and Sicily, Italy with three important questions: Where am I?... How did I get here?... and most importantly ... Who am I? These three questions have plagued Lisa Green for the past two months since she crawled barefoot and bleeding from the wreckage of a catastrophic car accident. Her boyfriend Roland has been nursing her back to health under close watch. Lisa has amnesia. They both know that, but only Lisa knows that she hasn't lost her ability to reason. And reason tells her that she is not Roland's girlfriend. She is his prisoner. Escape is her only option, and Lisa must figure out who she can trust and how to stay alive.It's bad enough that she's been held against her will, but worse, it seems that she wasn't randomly chosen. There's more to her story than kidnapping, and the details appear to cross borders and continents. With organized criminals hard on her heels, Lisa must expose her enemies before they choose their next victim. Not to be missed.

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Douglas Schofield

Douglas Schofield was raised and educated in British Columbia, where he earned degrees in History and Law. Over the past three decades, he has worked as a trial lawyer in Canada, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. During those years, he prosecuted and defended hundreds of cases of serious crime. In 2013, after nine years as Assistant Solicitor General in the Cayman Islands Government, Douglas returned to private practice.Douglas and his wife Melody live on Grand Cayman, along with their most excellent and amazing talking cat, Juno, who kindly permits them to share his home.Although Douglas dabbled in creative writing for many years, "Flight Risks" was his first completed novel-length manuscript. Completed in 2002, the original 752-page manuscript went through several revisions and several years of sitting untouched in a drawer before it was finally picked up by a small publishing house in England. Enthusiastic reader feedback fully justified the publisher's initial reaction. A January 2011 review in the Victoria Times-Colonist, a leading daily newspaper in Western Canada, described Flight Risks as:"...a fast-paced snappy thriller ... utterly believable ... Theresolution, while something of a surprise, is absolutely satisfying"Douglas has also written a number of screenplays. In 2004, he enrolled in an intensive screenwriting seminar in Los Angeles. He spent the entire course sitting next to an engaging young actress named Drew Barrymore. Not surprisingly, this encounter was a bit distracting, but somehow Douglas managed to pick up the essentials. A year later, his script for "Time Out Of Mind," a murder mystery / love story, took first prize in its category in the Fade In Magazine/Writer's Network Screenwriting Competition. His next screenplay, "Succession"--a thriller set in New Jersey and England during the traumatic days following Princess Diana's death in that Paris tunnel--has attracted serious attention in Hollywood.In 2012, "Flight Risks" was re-issued in the UK by MIWK Publishing. That event was followed immediately by release of his second novel, "Succession," based on the screenplay. The new novel was enthusiastically described by Oscar-nominated actor Graham Greene in vivid terms:"Better than ice cream--the way the story unfolds is excellent, thecharacters are wonderful, the story is like a basket of delicategourmet treats!"In 2014, Douglas accepted an offer for his third novel from St. Martin's Press, a division of Macmillan Publishing. "Time of Departure" is based on his prize-winning screenplay, "Time Out Of Mind." It is due for North American release on December 1, 2015.Douglas has now commenced work on "Sorrow's Heir," also for St. Martin's Press. It is due for release in late 2016.

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