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"A dark, brutal ride through the underbelly of LA." -- Anthony Horowitz, author of Magpie MurdersIn this follow-up to Nicolás Obregon's critically acclaimed Blue Light Yokohama, Inspector Iwata returns -- in a murder case in his new home of Los Angeles.After a brutal murder investigation ripped apart his life, Kosuke Iwata quit both his job as a detective with the Tokyo Police Department and his country, leaving Japan for the hopefully sunnier shores of Los Angeles, California. But even though he's left his old life behind, he still has to make a living and Iwata sets up shop as a private investigator. But murder still follows him. Approached by an old contact whose daughter has been murdered and the case laid to rest -- unsolved -- Iwata agrees to take on the case out of loyalty.

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Nicolas Obregon

Nicolás Obregón was born in London to a French mother and a Spanish father. He has worked as a steward at sports stadiums, a travel writer, and an editor in legal publishing. He fell in love with Japan while on assignment for a travel magazine and decided to write a novel set there while on a bullet train, two days shy of his 30th birthday. Blue Light Yokohama is his first novel and he is currently working on its follow-up.

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