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From acclaimed historian and biographer Rebecca Fraser comes a vivid narrative history of the Mayflower and of the Winslow family, who traveled to America in search of a new world.

The voyage of the Mayflower and the founding of Plymouth Colony is one of the seminal events in world history. But the poorly-equipped group of English Puritans who ventured across the Atlantic in the early autumn of 1620 had no sense they would pass into legend. They had eighty casks of butter and two dogs but no cattle for milk, meat, or ploughing. They were ill-prepared for the brutal journey and the new land that few of them could comprehend. But the Mayflower story did not end with these Pilgrims' arrival on the coast of New England or their first uncertain years as settlers. Rebecca Fraser traces two generations of one ordinary family and their extraordinary response to the challenges of life in America.

Edward Winslow, an apprentice printer, fled England and then Holland for a life of religious freedom and opportunity. Despite the intense physical trials of settlement, he found America exotic, enticing, and endlessly interesting. He built a home and a family, and his remarkable friendship with King Massassoit, Chief of the Wampanoags, is part of the legend of Thanksgiving. Yet, fifty years later, Edward's son Josiah was commanding the New England militias against Massassoit's son in King Philip's War.

The Mayflower Generation is an intensely human portrait of the Winslow family written with the pace of an epic. Rebecca Fraser details domestic life in the seventeenth century, the histories of brave and vocal Puritan women and the contradictions between generations as fathers and sons made the painful decisions which determined their future in America.

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Rebecca Fraser

Rebecca Fraser is a writer and broadcaster who has worked as a publisher'seditor and journalist.Her previous work includes a biography of Charlotte Bronte which put Charlotte in her proper context by examining her life within the framework of contemporary attitudes to women. Rebecca Fraser was President of the Bronte Society for many years . She wrote the Introduction to the Everyman Edition of Shirley and The Professor and is a contirbutor to the BBC History website. Her most recent book, The Story of Britain is a highly readable account of British history.It has been described as "an elegantly written,impressively well-­?informed single-­?volume history of how England was governed during thepast 2000 years." Her new book The Mayflower: The Families, the Voyage, and the Founding of America, follows the families who sailed on the Mayflower and sheds new light on the perils of crossing the ocean and settling in the wilderness. But the story did not end with the Pilgrims treacherous transatlantic journey or their first uncertain years All settlers had to become linguists, traders and explorers, and yet not forget their rootsand customs from the old country.With the aid of new contemporary documents Rebecca Fraser brings to life the adventuresof an ordinary family,the Winslows, made less ordinary by their responses to the challenges of the New World.

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