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Vincigliata Castle, a menacing medieval fortress set in the beautiful Tuscan hills, has become a very special prisoner of war camp on Benito Mussolini's personal order. Within are some of the most senior officers of the Allied army, guarded by almost two hundred Italian soldiers and a vicious fascist commando who answers directly to "Il Duce" Mussolini himself. Their unbelievable escape, told by Mark Felton in Castle of the Eagles, is a little-known marvel of World War II. By March 1943, the plan is ready: this extraordinary assemblage of middle-aged POWs has crafted civilian clothes, forged identity papers, gathered rations, and even constructed dummies to place in their beds, all in preparation for the moment they step into the tunnel they have been digging for six months.

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Mark Felton

Dr. Mark Felton is an historian and writer. He is the author of twenty books including the international bestsellers Zero Night ('Action-packed...a fitting tribute to the ingenuity of the escapees and of the brave civilians who subsequently assisted them' - Good Book Guide) , The Sea Devils ('A thrilling page-turner...fast-paced and cinematic. It will leave your fingernails significantly shorter.' - History of War) and Castle of the Eagles ('an extraordinary, and largely forgotten, wartime story - brought back to life in this Boys' Own account' - Daily Mail)
Both Zero Night and Castle of the Eagles are currently being developed into Hollywood movies. Mark regularly appears as an historical expert in television documentaries for Discovery, The History Channel, PBS, Quest and American Heroes Channel, including several programmes partly based on his books.

For the latest news, reviews and media about author and military historian Mark Felton, visit www.markfelton.co.uk

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