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P.I. Holland Taylor returns in David Housewright's Edgar Award-winning series with First, Kill the Lawyers, where Taylor is hired to recover stolen files before they are leaked, ruining more than just the careers of five local lawyers.

Five prominent attorneys in Minneapolis have had their computer systems hacked and very sensitive case files stolen. Those attorneys are then contacted by an association of local whistleblowers known as NIMN and are quietly alerted that they have received those documents from an anonymous source. If those files are released, then not only will those lawyers be ruined, but it might even destroy the integrity of the entire Minnesota legal system. This group of lawyers turns to Private Investigator Holland Taylor with a simple directive: stop the disclosure any way you can.

But while the directive is simple, the case is not. To find the missing files and the person responsible, Holland must first dive into the five cases covered in the files -- divorce, bribery, class action, rape, and murder. While Taylor is untangling the associates and connections between the cases and families affected, things take another mysterious turn and the time before the files are released is running out. As the situation becomes more threatening, Holland Taylor is trapped in the middle of what is legal and what is ethical -- between right, wrong, and deadly.

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David Housewright

A former president of the Private Eye Writers of America, Housewright is best known for his Rushmore McKenzie and Holland Taylor detective novels - as well as other tales of murder and mayhem in the Midwest. He earned the Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America for "Penance" (1996) as well as three Minnesota Book Awards for "Practice to Deceive" (1998) , "Jelly's Gold" (2010) and "Curse of the Jade Lily" (2013) . His novels "Tin City," "The Taking of Libbie, SD," and "The Devil and the Diva" were also nominated for the same prize. Housewright's 18th novel - "Stealing the Countess" - will be available from St. Martin's Minotaur May 31, 2016. He also has a volume of short stories called "Full House" published by Down and Out Books. All of his novels are available on Kindle. Website: www.davidhousewright.com. He can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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