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Just a few decades ago, the Koreans were an impoverished, agricultural people. In one generation they moved from the fields to Silicon Valley. The nature and values of the Korean people provide the background for a more detailed examination of the complex history of the country, in particular its division and its emergence as an economic superpower.Who are these people? And where does their future lie? In this absorbing and enlightening account, Michael Breen provides compelling insight into the history and character of this fascinating nation.

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Michael Breen

Michael Breen was born near Aylesbury in the UK, grew up in Yemen, Germany, England and Scotland. He studied English Literature and Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh and, after graduating, worked for several years on an oil rig in the North Sea. He has spent most of his adult life in South Korea, first as a freelance reporter writing for The Washington Times and The Guardian, then as a consultant advising companies on North Korea, and later running his own public relations firm. He lives in Seoul.

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