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"If sweet-looking, gray-haired Miss Marple cursed, smoked, and carried a gun in her purse, she'd be a ringer for Cora Felton." -- BOOKLIST

The Puzzle Lady couldn't be happier. Matt Greystone, the rookie sensation who just signed a huge contract with the Yankees after coming to the team as the player to be named later in a trade with the Diamondbacks, winning seventeen games as a starting pitcher, was coming to town to rehab from an arm injury. A diehard Yankee fan, Cora was delighted when Matt invited her to a weekend pool party.

On the plus side, she got to meet Derek Jeter.

On the minus side, she had to solve a puzzle (that was also named later) , and a couple of the guests got killed.

Solving murders is right up the Puzzle Lady's alley. Unfortunately, someone has broken into the house of a local psychiatrist and rifled her patient files, and Chief Harper wants Cora to solve that, too.

Cora already knows who broke into the house.

She did!


About the Author

Parnell Hall

Parnell was presented with the Life Achievement Award by the Private Eye Writers of America at the 2015 Shamus Awards banquet. Happily, this coincided with the publication of A FOOL FOR A CLIENT, his 20th Stanley Hastings private eye novel. Stanley is not the fool in the title however, that honor belongs to his boss, negligence lawyer Richard Rosenberg, on trial for murdering his girlfriend.

Not to be outdone, the Puzzle Lady, Cora Felton, finds herself on trial for murder in PRESUMED PUZZLED, due in January. Cora is defended by attractive young attorney Becky Baldwin, but no one doubts who is actually pulling the strings.

The first 15 out-of-print Stanley Hastings private eye novels are now on kindle, including the Edgar and Shamus nominated DETECTIVE and the Shamus and Lefty nominee MOVIE.

The 5 Steve Winslow courtroom dramas (THE BAXTER TRUST, THE ANONYMOUS CLIENT, etc) , are on kindle, as well as the 6th, never-before-published novel, THE INNOCENT WOMAN.

Parnell is a former President of the Private Eye Writers of America, and a member of Sisters in Crime. He lives in New York City.

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