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Nelson Mandela as he has never been seen before His lifes sacrificesrecounted in vivid detailbytheprison guard with whom hebecame lifelong friends Raised in a multi-ethnic farming community Afrikaner Christo Brand was confused and saddened whenhe first confronted the realities of South African apartheidConscripted into the military at Brandchose toserveas a prison guardrather thanembrace the brutality and dangerinherent in the workofsoldiersand policemenAssigned to the maximum security facility onremoteRobben IslandBrand was given charge ofthecountrys most infamous inmateNelsonMandelaFor yearsBrand watched Mandelascrub floors empty his toilet bucketgrieve over thedeathsof family and friendsyet remain as strong as any freedom fighter in history Won over byMadibas charm and authenticconcern for the well-being of others Brand became Mandelasconfidant andat times accomplice Celebratingtriumphsandsuffering through many setbacks the two men formed an unlikely bond onethat would endure until Mandelas deathTold with candor and reverence Mandela My Prisoner My Friendisboth a meditation on friendshipand amoving testament to the dedication determination andmost of allhumanity exuded by one of the worlds great leaders.

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