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Someone is knocking at the door to Grace Adamss house and wont stop. Grace thinks she knows who it is, but when she looks out her bedroom window, she sees a woman she doesnt recognize walking on the trails behind her home. The woman isnt alone for long before a man emerges from the dark of the surrounding woods and stabs her, then retreats into the shadows, leaving her to die in the snow. Frantic, Grace calls the police but knows theyll never arrive in time, so she herself goes to the woman and is shocked to find shes not a stranger--and that only raises more questions.Badly shocked, Grace is taken to the hospital, and Detective Macy Greeley is called back to the small town of Collier, Montana, where she worked a case once before. She needs to track down the killer and find out what the murder has to do with Grace, a troubled young woman whose harrowing past may have finally come in from the cold.

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Karin Salvalaggio

Karin Salvalaggio was born in West Virginia in the 1960s. Her father was career military and her mother was a homemaker. Karin has fond memories of her nomadic childhood - the hours spent on the road, the anticipation of a new life, the unpacking of the old one. She's lived in places as climatically diverse as Alaska and Florida and as culturally distinct as California and Iran. Karin attended the University of California Santa Cruz, graduating in 1989, but has lived in London, England since 1994. She has an MA in Creative Writing from Birkbeck, University of London. Her short story Walleye Junction was published in the Mechanics Institute Review 8 in 2011. Her first three novels in the Macy Greeley Mystery Series - Bone Dust White, Burnt River and Walleye Junction are available online and in book stores. The fourth novel in the series, Silent Rain, will be published in May 2017.

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