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A powerful and lively work of immersive journalism, Brin-Jonathan Butler's story of his time chasing the American dream through CubaWhether he's hustling his way into Mike Tyson's mansion for an interview, betting his life savings on a boxing match, becoming romantically entangled with one of Fidel Castro's granddaughters, or simply manufacturing press credentials to go where he wants-Brin-Jonathan Butler has always been the "act first, ask permission later" kind of journalist. This book is the culmination of Butler's decade spent in the trenches of Havana, trying to understand a culture perplexing to Westerners: one whose elite athletes regularly forgo multimillion-dollar opportunities to stay in Cuba and box for their country, while living in penury.

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Brin-Jonathan Butler

BRIN-JONATHAN BUTLER is a writer and filmmaker. His work has appeared in ESPN Magazine, Vice, The Paris Review, Harpers, Salon, and The New York Times. Picador USA has published both of Butler's books "A Cuban Boxer's Journey" (2014) and "The Domino Diaries" (2015) .

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